the strangest Friday night?

  • my coworker, who’ve I have never hung out with alone before, calls me and tells me he’s right by my house, and do I want to hang out 
  • (he is in training to become a monk, btw)
  • so of course, he’s great, but I’m in the middle of cooking dinner and two beers deep already 
  • so he gets here and asks if I want to go to this cool bar down the street 
  • and on the way we stop at the Catholic’s Worker House 
  • which is having their Friday night “thought discussion” 
  • led by a retired Baptist from Detroit who preached in the ’60s and is discussing the fallacies of the Just War theory 
  • and we stay there for the last hour, talking to people and eating pumpkin pie 
  • and my coworker is asked to drive down to Virginia with the “radicals” (his words) for whatever it is they’re doing down there for three days 
  • they’re leaving in an hour 
  • so we walk back to my place and I give him my sleeping bag and a large, women’s American Apparel sweatshirt, which he says he knows will fit him because I’m his mom, and he wears his mom’s clothes 
  • and I crack open another beer 
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